Thursday, December 05, 2002

I've now been a real live author for a day or so, and it's pretty nice. But the weird thing is that the book has been finished for so long (the real writing was done in October 1999) that mentally I guess I'd moved past it. Now I'm much more excited about the possibility of How Tradition Works being accepted for publication (one favorable reader's report down, one -- hopefully -- to go)

But now all of a sudden everyone wants to talk about Beowulf and the Critics and there's this weird mental gear-shifting that goes on. Anyway, here's what I know: when my author copies shipped from the bindery (probably Mon. morning), the rest of the print run should have shipped to the publisher (MRTS) and I assume immediately from there to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. So this link, which says "not yet published" should soon say "published" and the book should ship to all of you who ordered it. I will keep you posted.

And more importantly, thanks for all the supportive emails in the past few days. It's good to know that some people are interested in what was an immense amount of work (and also a whole lot of fun; I'm not complaining at all).

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