Thursday, October 30, 2008


If I haven't answered your email or responded to your message in the past week or so, I apologize. The convergence of

1. An NEH grant application being due;

2. My paper for the medieval authorship conference in Norway needing to be finished before I actually go to the conference;

3. My students turning in their first big paper in the Tolkien class;

4. My daughter having a week off from school;

5. Halloween: costumes, pumpkins, class parties;

6. Having my next door neighbor (who is a master stonemason) have an opening in his schedule to replace our fireplace;

7. Therefore taking the "opportunity" of torn out drywall, cement dust, jackhammers in the house, etc., to paint the living room, including the cathedral ceiling.

has left me completely weeded with regard to email.

Hopefully next week, or at least before I leave for Norway.

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Banshee said...

While you're in Norway, try to get hold of a DVD of the Icelandic movie Astropia. It's brilliant, it's funny, it's fannish, and normal people will enjoy the story too. I think it would be right up your alley, both fannishly and linguistically.

I ordered it from Iceland (after seeing it through online sources), and it turned out to be something of a financial adventure in shipping costs. So... seriously, try to get one in Norway.

I'm really kinda sad that we don't get Icelandic movies here. It seems like they have a really interesting little movie industry.