Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Latest Course on CD is out
A Way with Words IV: Understanding Poetry

I recorded this course months ago, but it take a while for editing, post-production, writing the course book and then having a designer make it look good...

But it's out now.  So if you want to hear me talk about poetry (and really, who doesn't?), you can get the course directly from Recorded books and listen to me make fun of the emo parts of "Ode to the West Wind." The other courses in the series are also available from Recorded Books and from

(Joking aside, I'm pretty happy with the way the course came out.  I recorded another one, The Anglo-Saxon World, in December and that should be out in the early spring). 


dougfort said...

Dr. Drout. I have listened to all your other courses by checking them out from the public library. I liked them so much that I immediately ordered 'Understanding Poetry' from The Modern Scholar when I got the RSS feed from your blog. Money is very sincere.

Peter said...

Congratulations! I'm listening to your Rhetoric, Writing, and the Art of Persuasion (and drawing on it in my own Advanced Comp class in the two-year college where I teach).

I'd kill to have the workbook for it, but of course it didn't come with the file I downloaded from our local public library. Does anyone have suggestions about how I can buy one?