Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yet another surreal moment (thanks, JRRT)

This morning my son and daughter were playing "Mama warg, baby warg."  Yes, they were pretending that they were bloodthirsty super-wolves, ravening through Middle-earth (though mostly it seems they were making "dens" by draping blankets over the furniture). 

So I asked them, "What are your names?  Bone-gnasher and Blood-fang?" 

Son: "I'm Cookie." 

Daughter:  "My name is Patches."  

The Lord of the Rings Online should definitely add these two as wandering Elite level 50s:  Cookie and Patches, Wargs.  


Anonymous said...

Kids are wonderful. My son walked into the room with his pockets turned inside out and said, "Look, Mum, billow-willows." He had invented a new term.

Unknown said...

Our 5 year old walked in the other night and started talking about the wooden thing with circles that cuts your head off.

A pretty apt description.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I am reminded of that scene in Good Omens where the hell-hound shows up on Adam's birthday ...