Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Council of Elrond
Adapted by Michael D.C. Drout and August G. Stoll, III


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Narya said...

So why are we supposed to skip the Council? I've always liked it, myself. I think it does a fine job of introducing the players, bringing in the back story, etc. It sets up the whole thing with Boromir. Gandalf's comments about Merry & Pippin are insightful. Frodo's realization that the Ring "belongs" to Aragorn (if anyone) are interesting, especially because it gives Aragorn the opportunity to say no to the Ring. And so on.

I've just reread it recently (i.e., within the last week or so), for about the 30th time, and I stick to my evaluation.

I'm completely amused by your play, however. I first read LOTR in about 1975 because the guy who sat behind me in trigonometry class (Jeff Innes) insisted I read it.