Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The book is out!

The new book is out!

Tradition and Influence in Anglo-Saxon Literature: An Evolutionary, Cognitivist Approach.

This book was more years in the making than I like to think about.  I would never have finished it if it weren't for the unexpected help of Jack Zipes, who, in a kind of Tolkienian eucatastrophe, swooped in right when things were most dire.

The cover was designed by Wheaton students Leah Smith and Amira Pualwan. From it people of a particular age may be able to guess at what album I most overplayed in the summer of 1982.


Todd Hoff said...

This might be a good opportunity to explain what a cognitivist approach is and why it's a compelling method and what your book actually covers :-)

Benny said...

Well done! I'm assuming a paperback will be released by Palgrave at some stage? I'll definitely be able to afford it then!

Having perused it on google books however I can certainly say that I cannot wait to read the whole thing. Being an English student I feel like the field is crying out for this kind of ambitious theorising, informed by cognitive and evolutionary approaches.

Your style is also clear and approachable, which is always good in an academic text. Well don't Processor Drout.

HAL9000 said...

I wonder if you took my idea and went with a principles and parameters approach (w/ recursion)? That can be done in the Humanities I strongly think I can persuade.