Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foreword to The Last Man Anthology: Tales of Catastrophe, Disaster and Woe (a memoire of my being a department chair -- just kidding)

I wrote a Foreword to this anthology of science fiction stories and poems.  I ended up surprising myself and saying that in the end they are tales of hope (the title is "A Paradox: Tales of Hope").  You can read the essay and a sample of works from the anthology at Sword and Saga Press.  

Comment from my daughter on the title:  "Daddy, who on earth is going to buy a book that says 'Tales of Woe' on the cover?"

That's a good question, but it's a good collection of pieces, some classic and some brand new, so I guess the answer is "I would."

(please ignore the grotesque grammatical infelicity that I of course didn't notice in the entire editing process but saw immediately when I opened the book).