Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Seller (!) on Audible: Understanding Poetry

Imagine my surpise when I got an email that one of my Modern Scholar courses on CD is currently a "best seller" on  Not only that, it's a course on poetry

You can read the story here.  They have nice things to say about the course and provide handy links to a number of my courses on as well as a link to a free excerpt.

This was the course that was a finalist for an Audie award (which I lost to Paula Poundstone), and I'm very pleased that people are enjoying it.  However, I don't think it is my best course.  That's probably either A Way with Words: Rhetoric, Writing and the Arts of Persuasion or A Way with Words III: Grammar for Adults.  And I'm also rather partial to the newest course, The Anglo-Saxon World.   

I've also done courses on The History of the English Language, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Chaucer and Approaches to Literature. 

(I think I get something like 25 cents each time someone downloads an Audible course, so I have a tiny financial interest in promoting these.  But I do think readers of this blog might enjoy some of the courses). 


Eric Olsen said...

Congrats Michael!

Irena said...

Congratulations!I've bought all your courses that are available on Have already listened to all of them except Chaucer, fantasy and science fiction and enjoyed them immensely and also learned a lot. My favorites are grammar, Anglo-Saxon, poetry, rhetoric and history of English language. Thank you for the excellent teaching and hope you will do more courses for the Modern Scholar!

Lee Mangold said...

I also purchased your audiobook and I have to agree with the review. I work in the computer information security field and even I found the information fascinating.

You certainly earned the $0.25 profit from me!

Anonymous said...

I am just listening to the Anglo Saxon course and I think it is great. The connections to Tolkien are really interesting, too.