Sunday, November 16, 2003

Globe Article

The Boston Globe article on Tolkien
that I was interviewed for is now out, and I guess it didn't come out too badly. I'm described as "shortish" "balding" and cocky, but I guess that's all probably true (though maybe not necessary to say it, Ethan. How about "compact, energetic and wise-looking" or "tonsured"?).
Anyway, read for yourself and see what you think.

Two minor corrections: I didn't give a paper at ISAS in Arizona; I introduced one and I'm not talking very much about the unpublished translations of Beowulf at the Gathering of the Fellowship, more in general about the relationship of the poem to Tolkien's work, particulary to the themes in Return of the King. (Though to be fair to the reporter, I probably hadn't decided on my actual talk for GoTF when I spoke to him about that stuff).

Oh, and my students do not think of me as their "friends." They all exist in perpetual and abject terror of my wrath....

Later this week I'll get to see the National Geographic Special. I'll keep you posted.

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