Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Deathbone is my favorite birthday present this year (I received him just before I left for Kalamazoo). I had gotten tired of the saccharine characters of the My Little Ponies, so I invented Deathbone, the meanest pony of all. I told of his epic battle with Sky Wishes, Pinkie Pie and their minions and how he, and his consort, Stinkie Pie, were plotting to destroy Ponyville and send all the My Little Ponies to the glue factory.

So Raquel and Rhys made Deathbone for me. Note the bone for the "Cutie Mark." (If they ever make me a Stinkie Pie, she will be brown with a yellow mane and a toilet for a Cutie Mark). Yes, I've had very little sleep over the past few days and not only have to grade papers, but move 4 cubic yards of topsoil before garbage day. Why do you ask?

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