Monday, February 09, 2009

The World We Now Live In

Yesterday my son and daughter were playing at being wolves. My son was the baby wolf and my daughter was the mommy wolf, and they were crawling around the house, howling, attacking stuffed animals, etc.

Daughter: Ok, Baby. Now you go into your den and stay there and be safe until Mama catches the moose. Then you can come out and join Mama.

Son: How will I know when you've caught the moose, Mama?

Daughter: Mama will text you.


Jason Fisher said...

Even wolves have mobile devices these days, LOL. Of course, I don’t own a cell phone, blackberry, or similarly-fangled device — does that make me less evolved than a wolf? :)

jeniffercox said...

Too funny! The other day a friend called to share a story about her kids who were discussing Lord of the Rings:

Daughter: Do you know why they call the elf Legolas?

Son: No, why?

Daughter: Because he doesn't have any Legos.

True story! They are 5 and 3.

Westward traveler said...

Fantastic! Can Mitchell read? I miss hearing all the latest on your kids from Raquel. You guys should come back to Stanford, then we'd be 'neighbors' again.

- Dick Warnock