Friday, May 22, 2009

Drout Bingo

More amusement from my students. This time it wasn't given to me, just left behind in the classroom. Hint to students: if you want to keep something secret from your prof, don't leave a pile of copies in the classroom.

I can't tell if this was ever actually done (though I imagine that it was), but students constructed their own boards by choosing from a list of words:
Tolkien, Beowulf, Medieval, Anglo-Saxon, Philology, Poetry, Scribe, Drunk, Battle, Monster, Myth, Revenge, Killing, Grendel, Lord of the Rings, Thane, Warrior, Unicorn, Rainbow, Syphilis, Knight, Nun, Mead, Thor, Egil, Sheep, Killer Bjarni, Jane Austen, New Jersey, Axe, Epic, Death, Virgin Mary, Armor, Sword.


Ian and Anke Collier said...

Erm, I'm guessing you must often say "Tolkein", as in the image, when pointing out the typical media misspelling. But it does look odd there. ;-)
Ian said...

I've been listening to Prof. Drout's very fun and edifying Modern Scholar CD lecture series on rhetoric and writing (in which he mentions drunk, medieval, philology and New Jersey). Now I know why, when we were trying to wean our 2-year-old daughter from the bottle, she would say "I want milk and I don't want it in a cup." I also now understand how/why she often wound up with the milk in a bottle.