Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anglo-Saxon Aloud: Greatest Hits now on iTunes, CDbaby

Responding to people who have asked "Who buys physical CDs any more?" I have put Anglo-Saxon Aloud: Greatest Hits up on iTunes and CDBaby.

The album includes readings in both Old English and Modern English of 10 classic Anglo-Saxon poems: 

C├Ždmon's Hymn
The Battle of Brunanburh
The Wanderer
The Ruin
The Wife's Lament
Wulf and Eadwacer
The Fortunes of Men
Riddle 47 (Book Moth)
The Dream of the Rood

There is a general introduction as well as explanatory introductions for each poem.  

I am working on putting up a downloadable version of Beowulf Aloud as well, but right now I only have physical copies for sale of that 3-CD set at .

I hope you enjoy listening to the poems as much as I enjoyed translating and recording them. 

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Anonymous said...

Professor Drout

Eglerio and Fulgod! Many thanks for doing this. I have downloaded it to my iPad and will use to revisit these in poems in the original to especially get the sounds and meters more focused in my head! Hope you do the same for the Beowulf and The Anglo-Saxon prose corpus. Your work here is much appreciated! Looking forward to The Tower and the Ruin! Andy Higgins