Friday, June 14, 2002

I've just spent a little time making the Wormtalk page look a little better (though it's no Lileks site) and I realized that people might take my title the wrong way. Oh well. "My life among the invertebrates" does refer to my being often ashamed of my profession (as well as being homage to a Far Side cartoon). But it's not a reflection of where I teach, since I happen to be a part of what is probably the only English department in the country that is not a nest of vipers (to mix in a vertebrate metaphor). And the college I teach at is itself far less idiotarian than the rest of academia. We actually care about teaching our students rather than indoctrinating them.
But, sadly, the profession as a whole is one of invertebrates, though that may be changing with the passage of generations. One hopes.

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