Sunday, June 16, 2002

Since September 11 I have had numerous nightmares about my daughter dying. She is only 21 months old, brilliant, beautiful, loving... and on Flight 11, which came from here in Boston, was a 2-year-old whose parents almost certainly felt the same way about him. Four people that my wife worked with died in that flight, and it could have been much worse, as many more of her co-workers were supposed to have been on it, but had gone out on Monday.
But since Sept. 11 I have had horrible dreams in which my little one is dead. Not killed in a highjacking incident, but dead in some other way. I wonder if there are other people who've had this happen.
I just want to remind people who say things like "you have to understand..." about Sept 11.
There is no possible way that 2-year-old could have done anything evil, or wrong, or deserving of his death. And that fact alone invalidates any possible cause the terrorists could have had. The fact that he was on the plane, and they knew it, and they didn't abort their evil plan for that reason alone makes them subhumans.
Not that we were lacking in evidence for their subhumanity before, of course.

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