Monday, June 29, 2009

The Return of Anglo-Saxon Aloud: The Prose

Turns out that I miss recording and re-recording and re-re-recording bits of Old English every morning. So I am back to posting daily podcasts of Old English at Anglo-Saxon Aloud.

I had originally planned on starting with the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and I'm sure I will eventually do that text, but I ended up deciding to go with the Homilies of Wulfstan. I am going to work through these in order, using Dorothy Bethurum's edition.

The first post, Wulstan homily Ib "De Anticristo" (I'm skipping the Latin homilies, as no one wants to hear me read Latin), is up here

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Unknown said...

Professor Drout

Yes!!!! Thanks for starting these up again - I welcome addition to my travel from London each morning. Going to find the texts and read along - Anglo Saxon Chronicle Please.

Hanno Le

Andy Higgins London UK