Tuesday, July 07, 2009

That Max Planck sure was one smart feller

Bad News

A new scientific truth does not establish itself by its enemies being convinced and expressing their change of opinion

Good News

but rather by its enemies gradually dying out and the younger generation being taught the truth from the beginning.

A real spate of the good news lately. It's incredibly gratifying to read articles and dissertations where work that I did that was thought to be "out there" by certain establishment folk (whom I dearly love), is now being cited as a matter of course by a new generation of Ph.D.'s and Assistant Professors. Weird feeling, and I keep wanting to yell out "you need to get an authority better than Drout for that point..." But overall a very hopeful sign.

I do basically believe that if the idea is good, it will eventually get picked up, but it's still nice to know that "eventually" isn't as long as it could be.

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