Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Lecture in NJ on Monday, Dec. 10

I'm giving a talk on Tolkien and The Hobbit at Brookdale Community College on Monday, December 10th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.  It's open to the public, and I hope I'll see some of my NJ friends while I'm there.  Fun to be giving a lecture at a place where I took classes.

Here's a link to the full information on the talk.


John Cowan said...

I'd like to come from NYC, but I don't drive. I can take the 3255/4355 Jersey Coast Line train out of Penn Station at 3:45, which arrives at Red Bank just before 5:00. There's a coordinated bus, the #833, which leaves me at the campus at 5:17, too early but acceptably so (it's the last bus of the day).

Unfortunately, the last return bus leaves the campus at 6:57, before the talk starts! Is there anyone who'd be willing to drive me to Red Bank train station after the talk? The obvious return train would be the 9:23, or failing that the 10:36.

Leave a note here or contact me at cowan@ccil.org. Thanks.

Loganblue said...

Did you tape it? Video? Audio? Really wish I could have made it but I just had my twins And my wife really would have been peeved, to say the least.

Dan Borghoff